•  Grasping the Donkey's Tail

Grasping the Donkey's Tail

Unraveling Mysteries from the Classics of Oriental Medicine

Peter Eckman, M.D., Ph.D., M.Ac. (UK) Foreword by Charles Buck, M.Sc., B.Sc., B.Ac
Through an in-depth examination of some difficult, often misunderstood classical texts of Oriental medicine, the author offers clear instruction for effective acupuncture practice. Specific discussions of Daoism and pulse diagnosis make this an innovative and essential text for acupuncturists and Chinese medicine students and practitioners.
Paperback / softback
2017, 9.02in x 5.98in / 229mm x 152mm, 152pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-351-2


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Grasping the Donkey's Tail

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