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Curing Arthritis Naturally with Chinese Medicine

Curing Arthritis Naturally with Chinese Medicine

Author: Douglas Frank, Bob Flaws

ISBN: 9780936185873

Paperback, 160 pages


Chinese medicine has been relieving arthritis for 2,000 years by balancing the body and allowing its healing powers to take over. This guide provides a basic introduction to how Chinese self-care and home remedies, such remedies, such as self-massage, magnet therapy, and Chinese patent medicines.

"This book is useful for everyone who suffers from any kind of joint pain and not just arthritis. Chinese medicine is especially effective for treating all types of joint pain, largely to the unique therapeutic effects of acupuncture and moxibustion. In China, acupuncture and its related art, moxibustion, are primarily used for rheumatic complaints and musculoskeletal pain of all types. When professionally administered acupuncture and moxibustion are combined with Chinese dietary therapy and a judicious use of Chinese herbal remedies, one has a very effective yet holistic treatment regime which heals without any side effects. Although there are other books on arthritis which tout the latest cures of modern Western medicine, the treatments in this book have been developed, refined, and tested over 2,000 or more years by 100 generations of highly educated, professional practitioners."   * from the authors


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Curing Arthritis Naturally with Chinese Medicine

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