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Curing PMS Naturally with Chinese Medicine

Curing PMS Naturally with Chinese Medicine, ISBN: 0-936185-85-6,  AUTHOR: Flaws, Bob, EDITOR: Wolfe, Honora L. 176 pages


This book is part of Blue Poppy Press’s very popular series, 'Curing Naturally with Chinese Medicine.' Like all the other books in this series, this book was written specifically for the lay reader. In particular, this book discusses premenstrual syndrome or PMS. The author begins by presenting an overview of the Chinese medical map. Chinese medicine is a separate and distinct system from modern Western medicine, and first the reader needs to understand some of its basic concepts and premises. Next the author discusses the menstrual cycle from the point of view of Chinese medicine. This is followed by a discussion of the Chinese mechanisms of PMS. Following this theoretical introduction comes a description of how this information is used in real-life by professional practitioners of Chinese medicine. The author discusses Chinese herbal medicine and PMS and acupuncture and moxibustion and PMS. However, perhaps even more importantly, the author discusses a number of home remedies for PMS. This section begins with in-depth discussions of what he calls 'The Three Free Therapies': diet, exercise, and deep relaxation. These are then supplemented by instructions on Chinese self-massage, magnet therapy, aroma therapy, flower therapy, and hydrotherapy. For those who are skeptical about Chinese medicine, the author presents recent Chinese research into the Chinese medical treatment of PMS and related conditions. If all this has sold you on seeing a Chinese medical practitioner for your PMS, great! The author now tells you how to find a local, qualified professional Chinese medical practitioner. He even gives addresses and phone numbers of referring and certifying agencies. This books winds up with a 'going further' section titled, 'Learning More About Chinese Medicine' which is essentially an annotated bibliography. In addition, there is a Chinese medical glossary, an author’s bibliography, and a general index, making this book a very useful resource.

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Curing PMS Naturally with Chinese Medicine

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