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Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture

The Law of the Five Elements

Author: Dianne M Connelly

ISBN: 9780912381039

Paperback, 177 pages


An explanation of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), and their use in the treatment room. Dr. Connelly shows how traditional acupuncture can make a difference, both in our moment-to-moment appreciation of life and in the way we hold life s bigger picture. Includes a description of the examination done before acupuncture treatment, as well as many case examples. Requires no technical knowledge; fine for the general reader interested in acupuncture and health.

Dr. Connelly has furnished a wonderfully evocative introduction to the five elements of Chinese medicine, detailing the correspondences of each to color, season, organ, time of day, direction, taste, orifice, sense organ, sound, body part, smell, climate, life aspect, physical manifestation, channel pathway, and pulse position. She describes the traditional examination, diagnosis, and treatment in positive and reassuring terms that will help both patient and student open to the powerful spiritual, emotional, and psychological benefits that are important aspects of acupuncture therapy.

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Traditional Acupuncture

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