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Treating Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Dagmar Riley

ISBN: 9780912111711

Paperback, 320 pages


"Chinese medicine is to be practiced remembering that life constitutes change. Once you have grasped the principles of Chinese medicine, you have to learn how to use them according to the nature of change. If you don’t understand the nature of change, your knowledge is dead and useless. Remember that."

—Wáng Hán-Wén


This outstanding book examines the causes of pain according to traditional Chinese medicine, casting light on the different causes of pain as the basis for choosing the right treatment method. It is a book that goes beyond the basic theories of Chinese medicine by applying them to the specific theme of pain.

Extremely useful not only for students wishing to understand correct pathology and symptom diagnosis according to Chinese medicine, but as well for practitioners who on a daily basis seek to relieve their patients of common painful discomforts and ailments, this text is certain to be well received by clinicians at many levels of experience. Treating Pain with Chinese Medicine addresses painful conditions from the perspectives of several medical specialties, concentrating on the pain component of each.

Each treatment chapter describes the condition in clinical terms and includes the commonly occurring patterns, pathomechanisms, and acupuncture and herbal treatments.

Treatment analyses include the functions of each medicinal, their role in the formula, and the indications to which they apply. Variations according to condition are also described.

Chapters end with a thorough discussion of applicable acupuncture prescriptions and adaptations for particular patterns. Each point selection is analyzed according to the treatment principles selected and the indications applied.

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Treating Pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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