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Typical TCM Therapy for Primary Glomerulonephritis (English-Chinese)

Typical TCM Therapy for Primary Glomerulonephritis (English-Chinese)

Guide to Clinical Treatment of Common Diseases

Author: Wu Min

ISBN: 9787810107884

Paperback, 249 pages


This series of ten books has been set forth by the TCM Universities of Nanjing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. They cover commonly encountered diseases including viral hepatitis, primary glomerulonephritis, chronic gastritis, lung cancer, bronchial asthma, diabetes, primary hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, and cholelithiasis, as treated with Chinese traditional medicine. Each book has three parts. Part one discusses the major points in diagnosis and pathogenesis and pathology of the disease. Part two focuses on routine TCM therapy, including internal therapy, external therapy, acumoxa therapy, tuina, physiotherapy, diet therapy, and recommended regimens to avoid relapse. Part Three offers the academic experience of 3 or 4 celebrated doctors and the effective cases they have treated.

Advantages to the text are the side-by-side inclusion of the Chinese text, access to information contributed by top clinical and academic professionals in China, and a concise format and pocketbook price. Drawbacks are that translation by non-native English speakers, and informal adherence to a translational standard, will almost certainly result in some level of confusion for Western students.


The book is a clinical reference book for preventing and treating primary glomerulonephritis with traditional Chinese medicine. It fully reflects the TCM characteristics in treating the disease.  This book is arranged in three sections: 

Part 1 describes the main diagnostic and treatment points

Part 2 introduces TCM treatment according to the differentiation of syndromes, commonly used TCM patent medicines, folk prescriptions, proved recipes, acupuncture-moxibustion therapy, dietotherapy and massage

Part 3 describes the therapeutic experiences of TCM nephropathy experts.

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Typical TCM Therapy for Primary Glomerulonephritis (English-Chinese)

  • Model: Typical TCM Therapy for Primary Glomerulonephritis
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