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A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pain Management with CD-ROM

A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pain Management with CD-ROM

Author: Sandy Fritz, Leon Chaitow

ISBN: 9780443069475

Paperback with CD-ROM, 208 Pages

A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pain Management offers practical, straightforward coverage of the subject area which includes a range of video clips on a bonus DVD.

Prepared by authors of international renown, this volume provides all of the information that a massage therapist will need to know in order to safely and effectively treat clients presenting with a variety of pain problems. Clearly written and fully illustrated throughout, the book addresses the classification of pain, causal factors, types and origins of pain, modulation and psychosocial contributions to pain.

The volume also examines the scientific evidence for the role of massage in pain management, giving particular emphasis on safety, accurate patient assessment - including accurate palpation skills - and effective treatment planning. Treatment options range from the use of modern neuromuscular techniques, muscle energy techniques and positional release techniques as well as adjunctive therapies which include hot and cold hydrotherapy, spray and stretch techniques, the application of analgesic essential oils and the use of breathing techniques as a pain management tool.

Rich with ‘key points’ boxes, clear explanations, practical examples, and summaries of key scientific literature, this volume will be ideal for massage therapists worldwide.

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A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pain Management with CD-ROM

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