Diabetes & Obesity

Diabetes & Obesity
Diabetes & Obesity
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  • Artikelnummer: The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

Diabetes & Obesity

ISBN: 9787117106696

Author: Feng Wei-bin, Fan Guan-jie

The frequency of diabetes and obesity has dramatically increased in all parts of the world, a fact largely attributed to dietary and lifestyle changes that come with socioeconomic development. Obesity is closely linked with diabetes and can lead to endocrine and cerebrovascular diseases. Various other complications induced by diabetes and obesity are endangering public health and have become one of the most challenging medical issues facing the world today, and cannot be treated with western medicine alone.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has the advantages of unique diagnostic and treatment methods, stable efficacy, and little or no side-effects. This, coupled with the continuous development of medicine and its integration with scientific advances and biomedical research, is at the core of The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: Diabetes & Obesity.

Professor Feng Wei-bin is currently a chief physician, professor, and state-approved Master’s level advisor at the Second Clinical Medicine College of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

Professor Fan Guan-jie is a chief physician and Master’s level supervisor. He studied in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine from 1993 to 1988 and obtained his master’s and doctorate degrees in clinical medicine.

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