Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine

Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine
Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine
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Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine with DVD

Author: Shou-chuan Wang, Julie Mulin Qiao-Wong, Xia Zhao

ISBN: 9787117147255

Paperback, 920 pages


Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine (part of the International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine) is a comprehensive volume that is the standard reference for children's diseases, conditions, and essentials for healthy living. With over 900 pages, and an accompanying DVD (for both Window and Mac computers), this book covers both common and rare childhood diseases, giving pattern differentiation, theory, and clinical practice experience. With illustrations, charts and tables, and questions/answers, it is works as a textbook or general reference for practitioners.
Authors: Shou-chuan Wang, Julie  Mulin Qiao-Wong, Xia Zhao
Table of Contents:
Part 1 Fundamentals of Pediatrics in TCM
Chapter 1 A Brief History of TCM Pediatrics
Chapter 2 Age Group Distribution
Chapter 3 Childhood Growth and Development
Chapter 4 Physiological, Etiological and Pathological Characteristic
Chapter 5 Health Care for Children
Chapter 6 Essentials of Pediatric Diagnostics
Chapter 7 An Overview of Pediatric Therapeutics
Part 2 Lung Diseases
Chapter 8 Common Cold (Gan Mao)
Chapter 9 Cough (Ke Shou)
Chapter 10 Pneumonia (Fei Yan Chuai Shou)
Chapter 11 Asthma (Xiao Chuan)
Chapter 12 Recurrent Respiratory Infections
Part 3 Spleen Diseases
Chapter 13 Thrush (E Kou Chuang)
Chapter 14 Aphtha (Kou Chuang)
Chapter 15 Stomach-Epigastric Pain (Wei Wan Tong)
Chapter 16 Anorexia (Yan Shi)
Chapter 17 Diarrhea (Xie Xie)
Chapter 18 Food Accumulation (Ji Zhi)
Chapter 19 Malnutrition in Children (Gan Zheng)
Chapter 20 Nutritional Iron Deficiency Anemia
Part 4 Heart-Liver Disease
Chapter 21 Sweating Syndrome (Han Zheng)
Chapter 22 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Chapter 23 Tourette Syndrome (Multiple Tic Disease)
Chapter 24 Infantile Convulsions (Jing Feng)
Chapter 25 Epilepsy (Dian Xian)<
Part 5 Kidney Diseases<
Chapter 26 Acute Glomerulonephritis
 Chapter 27 Nephrotic Syndrome
Chapter 28 Frequent Urination (Niao Pin)
Chapter 29 Enuresis (Yi­ Niao)
Chapter 30 Cerebral Palsy
Chapter 31 Sexual Precocity
Part 6 Infectious Diseases
Chapter 32 Measles (Ma Zhen)
Chapter 33 Exanthema Subitum (Roseola Infantum)
Chapter 34 Rubella (German Measles) (Feng Zhen)
Chapter 35 Chickenpox (Shui Dou)
Chapter 36 Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Chapter 37 Epidemic Parotitis/Mumps
Chapter 38 Malaria (Nue Ji)
Chapter 39 AIDS
Part 7 Neonatal Diseases
 Chapter 40 Fetal Feebleness (Tai Qie)
 Chapter 41 Sclerema Neonatorum
 Chapter 42 Neonatal Jaundice (Tai Huang)
Part 8 Other Diseases
 Chapter 43 Anaphylactoid Purpura
 Chapter 44 Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome (Kawasaki Disease)
 Chapter 45 Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets
Chapter 46 Infantile Eczema
Appendix I: Pediatric Medicinal Dosage Charts
Appendix II: Formulas
Appendix III: Chinese Patent Medicines
 Appendix IV: Cross-Reference of Disease Names in Chinese and Western Medicine
Appendix V: Answer Key


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