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Tàijíquán with DVD

Author: Li Deyin

ISBN: 9781848190047

Paperback, 402 pages


Tàijíquán is one of the most popular martial arts in China today. It is practised both as a competitive sport and as an exercise to strengthen the mind and body. Tàijíquán is an easy-to-use, fully-illustrated guide to the historical background, practical application, underlying principles and techniques of Tàijíquán.

Written by one of China's most prominent teachers of Tàijíquán, this book is an excellent introduction to a martial art that improves balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Tàijíquán describes five forms in which Tàijíquán is practised today: the 81-Step Tàijíquán, the Simplified 24-Step Tàijíquán, the Competition 42-Step Tàijíquán, the Competition 42-Step Tàijí Sword, and the 32-Step Tàijí Sword.

Each form is explained with instructive photographs, a numerical reference system for each exercise, and a DVD is also included, making it an excellent resource for students of martial arts, experienced practitioners or anyone interested in learning about Tàijíquán.

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