The Extraordinary Fu

The Extraordinary Fu
The Extraordinary Fu
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The Extraordinary Fu

Author: Claude Larre, Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

ISBN: 9781872468235

Paperback, 222 pages


The six extraordinary fu, the brain, marrow, bones, vital circulation, gallbladder and uterus, are a set of remarkable systems within the body which can act as fu but which also have the ability to store essences. Each of the six systems is examined in detail, and an introductory section provides etymological insights to give the reader a thorough grounding in the concept of ‘extraordinary’.

The extraordinary fu enable us to connect at a level more fundamental and more primitive than that encompassed by the ordinary zang and fu. The extraordinary fu ensure the continuity of life through the essences which are stored within them.

This is an inspiring book, and one which addresses an area of Chinese medicine too rarely mentioned. The authors’ insights and perceptions are always aimed at awakening our sensitivity to the profound mystery of an individual’s vitality, and thereby bringing us closer to what is extraordinary, surprising and wonderful about life itself.

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