Weiss's Herbal Medicine

Weiss's Herbal Medicine
Weiss's Herbal Medicine
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Weiss's Herbal Medicine

Classic Edition

Author: Rudolf Fritz Weiss

ISBN: 9783131293817

Softcover, 362 pages


Weiss's Herbal Medicine - Classic Edition is back! This book has established itself as an indispensable resource and is widely acknowledged as the key text in the field of medical herbalism.

Reprint of the English Translation of the sixth edition of "Lehrbuch der Phytotherapie"

The introductory chapters examine the nature of herbalism and provide the necessary guidelines for prescribing. The bulk of the book presents the large and impressive body of plant drugs, arranged according to organ systems including: digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, nervous, reproductive, the skin, and the eyes. Separate chapters cover colds and influenza, rheumatic conditions, metabolic and endocrine disorders, the use of herbal medicine for cancer, the treatment of wounds, and the therapeutic benefits of herbal baths.

The relevant plants are discussed for each situation, with information on occurrence and botanical features, differentiation from related species, constituents, and medical benefits. The treatment sections offer a wealth of suggestions for prescribing herbs, explaining the proper dosage, applications, and precautions. When appropriate, proprietary formulations are included. Full references are provided throughout, with a comprehensive subject index of almost 2,000 entries.

Professor Rudolf Fritz Weiss (1895-1991) is highly regarded as the "founding father" of modern German phytotherapy. He studied botany and medicine at the University of Berlin, qualifying as a doctor in 1922 and subsequently taking additional qualifications in internal medicine. A teaching post in herbal medicine was interrupted by war service as an army doctor, followed by seven years in Russian captivity as a doctor in prisoner-of-war camp hospitals. After retiring from clinical practice in 1961, he devoted his life to the scientific development and acceptance of herbal medicine. Weiss was appointed as a member of the German Commission E in 1978. He was founder and editor of the Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie, and lectured on current advances in the subject at the University of Tübingen.

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