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Terms & Conditions

Section 1   Application field 

These general terms apply to the remote agreements of purchase (sale) which are entered into between the private limited liability company TCG, Trias Consultancy Group BV. as the seller and the consumer as the buyer. Such an agreement of purchase (sale) with TCG shall have been entered into by means of a minimum spending by the consumer of € 25,-.
Section 2   Definitions
In these general terms shall be understood by:
1. You (as a consumer): any natural person who acts in the agreements for purposes beyond his business or professional activities;
2. remote agreement of purchase (sale):
any agreement between TCG and a consumer concerning goods which is entered into within the framework of a system organised by TCG for remote sales in which, for this agreement, use is made exclusively of one or several techniques for remote communications up to and including the entering into the agreement itself;
3. TCG: the private limited liability company Trias Consultancy Group BV
Section 3   Offers and agreements
1. The principal characteristics of the goods offered by TCG appear from the Internet site or the catalogue of TCG. The offers of TCG are not binding.
2. No rights shall be derived from incorrect statements in the catalogue regarding the goods or the price.
Section 4   Prices, terms of payment and shipping costs
1. The prices of the products as mentioned in the catalogue or on the Internet site are inclusive of V.A.T. and packaging costs.
2. In the event of shipment of goods inside the Netherlands an amount of € 4,-- Excl. VAT  will be charged as shipping costs. In the event of a shipment abroad the actual shipping costs will be charged.
3. The cost for paying with PayPal is 3%.
4. The purchase price for the goods must be paid into the designated bank account of TCG before delivery.
Section 5   Terms of delivery
1. TCG will try to deliver the goods ordered that are on stock to you within 1-3 working days inside the Netherlands. This period shall not be definitive, but indicative only. The information concerning the stock in the Internet shop may occasionally differ from the actual stock.
2. TCG will deliver the goods ordered within twenty days, to be counted from the day following the day on which you sent your order to TCG.
3. If TCG is unable to deliver your order (in full) because (some of) the goods ordered are not available, you will be notified thereof.
4. TCG shall have the right to deliver other goods of the same quality and price if the goods ordered are not available within twenty days.
5. Should TCG be unable to deliver goods of the same quality and price as referred to in subsection 4, then you will be entitled to have the amounts which you may have transferred as payment refunded to you as soon as possible and anyhow within thirty days.
6. Your address data and other personal data will only be used internally by TCG in order to provide you with information; these data will not be disclosed to third parties.
Section 6   Reconsideration period
1. In the event that you have ordered goods, you have a period of 14 days within which you may cancel the agreement without incurring a penalty and without having to state your motives. The period during which you may exercise this right commences on the day on which you have received the goods.
2. In the event that you exercise your right to cancel as referred to in subsection 1 of this section, you have to return the goods to TCG. You must pay yourself the shipping costs incurred to return the goods.
3. The provisions of subsection 2 shall not apply if you return (part of) an order the value of which is € 80.-  or more. In that event the direct costs of returning the goods to TCG shall be at the expense of TCG.
4. In the event that you exercise your right of cancellation TCG shall be obliged to refund the amounts paid by you free of charge. This refunding shall anyhow take place within thirty days.
5. Your right of cancellation as defined in subsection 1 of this section shall be null and void:
a. with regard to the delivery of audio and video recordings and computer software of which the seal has been broken and books;
b. with regard to the delivery of newspapers and magazines;
c. with regard to the delivery of goods which have been manufactured in accordance with your specifications or which have a clearly personal character or which by their nature can not be returned or which can perish or age quickly.
6. Should the goods returned be damaged, then the depreciation of the value of the goods will be charged to you and settled, if possible, with amounts still owed.
Section 7   Damaged goods
1. In the event of a defect of the goods ordered, you may demand either replacement or repair of the goods.
2. The defect found must be reported to TCG within 7 days after receipt of the goods, within which you must also announce your choice as referred to in subsection 1.
3. You are not entitled to dissolve the agreement during the repair or replacement. Should the defect still exist after the repair or replacement, then you are entitled to dissolve the agreement within 14 days after the replacement or repair and demand repayment of the amount paid.
4. Any liability of TCG for losses caused as a result of a defect of the goods ordered shall be excluded.
Section 8   Claims
Regarding any claims about the delivery and/or the goods you may contact TCG, which is located at 6545 CA Nijmegen in the Binderskampweg 29 U 1 Netherlands. Regarding any questions about the goods delivered or any other questions, you may also contact TCG at the above address.
Section 9   Reserve of ownership
The goods delivered by TCG remain the property of TCG until you have correctly and completely fulfilled all (payment) obligations resulting from the agreement.
Section 10  Interest and extrajudicial costs
If you fail to timely fulfil your payment obligations as defined in subsection 1 of this provision, you will have to take for your account and pay in full all extrajudicial costs, proceedings costs and costs for legal assistance incurred by TCG, within any case a minimum of 15% of the amount owed.
Section 11  Applicable law
Dutch law shall be applicable to the agreements between yourself and TCG. Disputes concerning an agreement between yourself and TCG shall be submitted to the judgement of a competent Dutch judge