Lymph Taping: Theory, Technique, Practice

Lymph Taping: Theory, Technique, Practice
Lymph Taping: Theory, Technique, Practice
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Lymph Taping 1e editie is een boek van Josya Sijmonsma uitgegeven bij Fysionair. ISBN 9789491038020

Since the 1970s Manual Lymph Drainage has increasingly been used for decongestion in case of oedema and above all for lymphoedema which until then could not be treated. At the same time, due to clinical observation the knowledge has developed that this manual drainage should be combined with other decongestive measures such as compression therapy, exercise therapy as well as careful skin care the development of CDPT (complex or combined decongestive physical therapy). Lymph taping has to some extent blown a fresh wind into this proven decongestion concept, enriching this proven and recognised combination therapy in an excellent way, so that many are already talking of the 5th column of CDPT.

Josya Sijmonsma is a Dutch physiotherapist who has been intensively involved in this technique since the beginning of Medical Taping in Europe (introduced over 10 years ago). This book reflects Josya Sijmonsma s enormous wealth of experience. In addition to the extraordinarily instructive illustrations for a wide variety of indications, the most important theoretical background is also set out in a concise and easily understand-able form. This book is to my knowledge the first and only book which explains the technique of taping using anatomical-physiological and also pathophysiological explanation models.

Trained lymph therapists will therefore easily understand the taping systems directly, as they cover the treatment concepts of the complex physical decongestion therapy. The many case descriptions make this book a vital reference work for practitioners. Otto Schreiner Physiotherapist Specialist teacher for MLD/CDPT since 1985 Specialist Manager of the Lymph Academy of Germany

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