Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture Vol. 2

Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture Vol. 2
Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture Vol. 2
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Teaching Atlas of Acupuncture Vol. 2

Clinical Indications

Author: Piero Ettore Quirico

ISBN: 9783131412614

Hardcover, 272 pages


Acute Conjunctivitis or Wind-Fire Eye?

Finally, the Italian doctor Quirico has produced a book that allows you to easily compare and contrast specific traditional Chinese indications and their modern Western counterparts, for all major acupuncture points.

On 272 pages, this book offers extensive clinical information on more than 400 acupuncture points, arranged in a conveniently referenced format with a profusion of tables. In three chapters, it discusses in numerical order the acupuncture points of the twelve regular channels, the acupoints of the two extraordinary channels, and lastly the extraordinary points on the head and neck, trunk, upper limbs, and lower limbs.
For each point, it provides

  • a linguistic explanation of the Chinese name
  • a comparison of the modern Western and traditional Chinese medical indications in table form
  • explanatory notes to synthesize this information, offer contraindications, and provide the applied clinical context
  • the point's TCM functions

Offering key point combinations and a complete list of clinical indications for each acupuncture point, this book is an excellent complement to Volume 1, the illustrated point atlas. By improving your understanding of each point's application, you will advance your practice of Chinese medicine and build a bridge between the Western and Eastern medical paradigms.



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