The Western Herbal Tradition

The Western Herbal Tradition
The Western Herbal Tradition
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The Western Herbal Tradition

2000 years of medicinal plant knowledge

ISBN: 9780443103445

Author: Tobyn & Denham & Whitelegg

379 Pages


The Western Herbal Tradition provides a comprehensive and critical exploration of the use of plant medicines through 2000 years of history from Dioscorides to the present day. It follows each of the 27 herbs through a wide range of key sources from European, Arabic and American traditions including Greek, Roman and Renaissance texts. A rich discussion of the historical texts is balanced with current application and research. The herbs have been selected on the basis of common use by practising herbalists.
Each illustrated monograph contains:
Species, identification and botanical description
A study of the characterisation and medicinal use of the plants consistently drawn from featured herbals which includes the authors’ own translations from the Latin
Assessment of past and current texts in the transmission of herbal knowledge
Consideration of traditional therapeutics, including humoral and physiomedical approaches
Suggestions towards a modern experiential approach through Goethean methodology
Current evidence on pharmacological constituents
Review of evidence on safety
Recommendations for internal and external uses, prescribing and dosage

Key Features


  • Excellent illustrations accompany each monograph to aid learning
  • First book to cover broader historical
  • perspective and discussions of issues surrounding each herb
  • Written by leading experts who are well known in the field
  • Includes some monographs of which there is little material already available
  • The bibliographic evidence provided could support applications for registration of Herbal Medicinal Products under the provisions of the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Product Directive

  • An excellent valuable resource for everyone interested in herbal medicine


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