Thieme Almanac 2007

Thieme Almanac 2007
Thieme Almanac 2007
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Thieme Almanac 2007

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Author: Micheal McCarthy (Editor), Stephan Birch (Editor)

ISBN: 9783131426116

Paperback, 384 pages


The Thieme Almanac is a concise summation of the state of the study, teaching, practice, and development of acupuncture and Chinese medicine around the world. Prepared by editors who are renowned international experts in the field, the aim of the Thieme Almanac is both novel and two-fold:

  • To offer the field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine a voice
  • To develop greater cooperation among the diverse parties involved in the field

The Almanac includes wide ranging information on all aspects of related arts and sciences as well as clinical articles, historical tidbits, research findings, an international survey of educational programs, listings of societies and organizations, and the latest from the ever-changing domain of laws and regulations related to the field. A congress calendar is part of the scope of the Almanac and serves as a compact guide to all major events taking place in the field in 2007. In general the Thieme Almanac provides access to information on and resources in these and a wide range of other topics in the international field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

The editors are renowned international experts such as Stephen Birch Ph.D. (Research), Isaac Cohen O.M.D. (Research), Chris Dhaenens Ph.D. (Book Reviews), Jane Lyttleton L.Ac. (Clinical Practice), Michael McCarthy M.A., L.Ac. (Legislation Regulation and Professional Developments), Felicity Moir M.Sc., B.Ac. (Education), Elisabeth Rochat de la Valle Ph.D., (History, Language and Culture), Mary Tagliaferry M.D. (Clinical Practice), Yuhuan Zhang (Traditional Chinese Almanac Information).

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