Moxa box met twee gaten

Moxa box met twee gaten
Moxa box met twee gaten
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It is made of bamboo, stainless steel, rich mineral paper and stainless steel wire mesh.
It can be used with diameter 18mm moxa roller.
The moxibustion box frame is convenient to remove dust and helpful for ventilation burning.
Protective screening is used for preventing the skin not to be scalded by dropping moxa. It is very safe.
The rubber band is to fix the moxa box in any location.
Usage Method:
1.       Light the moxa roller and insert it into the pipe-jacking.
2.       Make the moxa roller up and down to control temperature.
1.       It is a health care product.
2.       Regular use of moxibustion can help to unclog meridian and no side-effects.
3.       Balance Ying Yang and adjust physiology function.
4.       Can strengthen the body immunity.


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